Chrissy Teigen has a new post-baby haircut.

The long bob’s takeover as Hollywood’s favourite haircut has been swift. The ultimate in-between long and short haircut, the ‘lob’ has been seen on everyone from Lara Worthington to Zoe Foster-Blake and seemingly every Kardashian in between.

Now new mother Chrissy Teigen has gone and given it a fierce new update, with the help of celebrity hairstylist Jen Atkin.

As well as slightly darker highlights, Atkins gave the back of Teigen’s hair a choppy trim but kept the front long. Teigen’s weave she’s recently been wearing was removed but it looks like a few extensions have been added to he asymmetrical cut for extra texture and volume.

This, my friends, is hair history. Kind of.


Yes, the lob has merged with Victoria Beckham’s iconic 2008 ‘pob’ and a backwards mullet to enter its newest chapter. Behold the “Don’t cut the front” haircut.

According to international hairstylist and RAW salon founder Anthony Nader (whose clients include Gisele Bundchen and Cate Blanchett, FYI), it’s the perfect option if you can’t decide between long and short.

Remember this? It's baaaack. Sort of. Image: Getty


"It's like a two in one haircut where you're wanting to go shorter but didn't want to commit to losing your treasured strands," he explains.


(Watch: All the short hair inspiration you need. Post continues after video.)

"Keeping the length at the front gives the illusion of security for those that still want the feeling of longer hair strands at the front, while keeping the length shorter in at the back shows a little more strength and polish."

The style is particularly striking for those with long face shapes.

"This geometric fun shape works best with a longer necklines and face shapes as then the length at the front points are more noticeable and add more drama than a horizontal base line," says Nader.

If your features are finer, you can still give it a go - just take care to avoid making the front length point too steep as the thick section of hair can end up closing in your face. (Post continues after gallery.)

The cost of the edgy 'do? Regular maintenance.

"It does take juuuuuuuust (and I say this with a little screech in my voice) that little bit of maintenance because you want the length at the front to always be on point - literally!" he says.

"Aim to rebook your next haircut five to six weeks out instead of six to eight weeks."

Will you be trying the hairstyle?