Chrissy Teigen faces backlash after donating money to Planned Parenthood.

Bravo Chrissy Teigen.

In the wake of the tragic shootings at a Planned Parenthood  in Colorado, Chrissy Teigen has pledged her support to the vital service and encouraged others to do the same.

In a series of tweets late yesterday, the pregnant star wrote, “When s*** like this happens, John [Legend] and I immediately make another donation to Planned Parenthood.”

She then provided a link to Planned Parenthood’s donation page so her followers could follow suit, encouraging them to “Donate to Planned Parenthood today.”

Twitter being Twitter, however, she was soon on the receiving end of conservative backlash against the controversial clinics.

“Extremely fine with any unfollows,” she wrote in a follow-up tweet. “Would prefer it over your ignorant rants but I’m prepared either way. Nothing I haven’t seen before.”


Another follower was quick to criticise her support for Planned Parenthood, urging the model to tweet a link to the donation page for the family of the murdered officer “as quickly as you promoted donating to PP”.

“‘It might seem insane,” Teigen replied, “but it’s possible to support two things at once. I suggest you do the same.”

When pressed further on the issue, Teigen’s frustration was evident.

“Oh, f*** off,” she replied. “Nothing is ever enough for you, is it? How about you donate?”

Chrissy Tiegen with husband John Legend.

She later added, “Happy to donate. Anything else?”

“Nope,” the user replied. “Happy to see you support. Just wanted to make sure you remembered people lost their lives today.”

In true Chrissy style, she threw back: “I don’t need you to check where my feelings and mind are. I’m an adult. I’m good. Thank you.”


Bravo to Chrissy for supporting such a worthy cause — and for always holding her own in the Twittersphere.