Chrissie Swan's most honest interview yet: "It was hard to take."






Chrissie Swan is a wise and wonderful woman.

And her “inspiration bombs” in this particular interview are classic Chrissie.

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Take a look at Chrissie’s: (Post continues after video).

As we know, despite being a top-notch radio presenter, personality and human being, Chrissie will not be returning to her morning spot on Mix FM next year.

In it she drops some truth bombs and explains beautifully why her work is “not just a business”.

The woman who always says ‘yes’ runs us through what’s she’s learned, from Big Brother to the last few years in the “brutal” radio industry.

Here are five favourite take-aways.

On Big Brother.

“I had been a fan of the show before, but sort of in a cynical up myself way. Me and my groovy friends would get together and drink red wine and snort at all the bogans in Big Borther and then I thought gee wouldn’t it be funny if one of us was in there? And so I applied,” she says.

“I really don’t like saying no and so I couldn’t say no to this opportunity and I did it and it really turned out to be an amazing thing for me and changed my life. And also affirmed to me that saying ‘no’ is not an option for me and saying ‘yes’ is always the right answer.”

On fame.

“My son is six, he just turned six two days ago and he said to me ‘are you famous?’ and I said well famous doesn’t mean anything. People know who I am because they have a radio in their car but it doesn’t mean anything, famous doesn’t mean anything. Kind means something.

On radio.

“People that work on the air for the most part… we really care about it and we really enjoy in and it takes a lot of guts I suppose to make yourself that vulnerable,” she says.

“I feel a deep connection to people I have never seen and I’ve never met… It feels like I have a ray of truth that goes straight from me into them.”

“It’s not just business for me… And there will always be that disconnect because the way that radio is structured is that business people that are after revenue are making decisions based on that, not on what radio is about to the normal person and that is relationships and stories and truth and vulnerability and communication.”

On being she and Jane being crowned number one.

“I was surprised because I had believed what I had been told by management, by senior people, the suited ones, that two women couldn’t be number one and initially when they said that I thought ‘that’s odd because I know that two men have been number one before but I suppose if they’ve done the research they they know what they’re talking about’… So I was deeply surprised that this occurred. Having said that, I was surprised how little it meant to me personally.

“You think that winning is going to change everything and you think that if I only get to be number one or if I only get to earn this amount of money or if I get that house that I want that everything will be great… And then you get these things and they mean strangely little.

“Nowhere near as much as I feel when I have a baby or if I find a really great vase or if I make a really great beef bourguignon… I’m filled up by those things a lot more than anything that’s happened in my career.”

On laughing:

“If I make someone’s day better, that’s doing good. I love to laugh I spend a lot of my time laughing and I realise that I don’t have any friend’s that don’t make me laugh… For me if I can’t have a laugh with you I won’t find a connection.”

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