"I am devo, because I've run out of underpants." Chrissie Swan is trapped in Bali and it's getting dire.

Most people fantasise about taking a holiday forever, being stranded on a tropical island where all you can do is hang around by the pool with cocktail in hand.

Thanks to a rogue volcano in Bali, that’s the reality for thousands of Australians, with cancelled flights causing surprise extended stays.

Among them is TV and radio host Chrissie Swan, who has hilariously spoken about the reality of being stuck in Bali.

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“I am devo, because I’ve run out of underpants!” she told Hughsey and Kate in a phone interview.

“This is terrible in an Indonesian country because you know, no-one has a bottom the size of mine!”

Swan said she’d sent her husband to a department store to try and find some undies and he’d returned with a, erm, special pair of undies(Post continues after gallery.)

“The store assistant offered him a pair and guess what they were called? Queen Large,” she joked.

“That’s the size I am in Bali and it’s also my new name. I’m wearing my Queen Larges.”

And from the sounds of it, the 41 year-old is making the best of a bad situation.

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“Look, I am actually stranded. When the news first came in, I was frightened and nervous and then I just though, ‘Look at where you are!’,” she said.

“The only problem is work – it feels like I’m wagging school, but what can you do? I physically can’t get out.”


“You know what radio is like – if you can’t do it, they’ll find someone else!” she joked.

A tough day (not) at the office. Image via Instagram (@chrissieswan)


Swan, who will co-host Channel 10's Spelling Bee, says she's been managing to stay 'busy'.

"I am pressing refresh a lot on the Jetstar website and have been going to the pool," she told Hughesy and Kate.

She's also been updating fans on Instagram, sharing a selfie of her and her daughter and the view of her hotel pool.

One Bali tradition she hasn't jumped on though? The pedicure.

"Also related: I am the only human being in Bali who hasn't had a pedicure." Image via Instagram.


"I am the only human being in Bali who hasn't had a pedicure," she captioned a photo of her toes.

Oh Chrissie.

Swan also told Hughsey and Kate that she was spending a lot of time on twitter - and it wasn't all nice.

"I'd like to share with you some of the tweets I've been getting," she said, addressing the topic with her signature good humour.

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'The Bali Volcano thing has stranded serial wastes of time Meshel Laurie and Chrissie Swan, so it was worth it,'one said, while another user tweeted 'Chrissie Swan stuck in Bali. Finally, some positive news on a Monday morning.'"

Knicker debacle and unnecessarily mean tweets aside, if anyone can survive being stranded in Bali, it's Chrissie. After all - we bet it's a lot better than the jungle!

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