Chrissie Swan's refreshing view on sex.

It’s a message regularly touted by TV, films, trashy mags and that friend-who-is-not-really-your-friend – if you’re not having sex regularly in your relationship, you’re in strife.

Chrissie Swan is having none of it.

After saying last year that she and her partner only had sex once a year as “every time I have sex I get pregnant”, the radio host told Show + Tell Online in a live podcast that things had changed lately.

“Once a year on his birthday [it was]… and now not even that,” she said referring to her ‘sex contract’.

And there’s absolutely nothing wrong or concerning about that.


“You know you read all these articles about if the sex has gone then the relationship is dead, and then I think ‘Oh, I better do it’,” she said.

“But you know, my relationship isn’t dead so I’m here to tell you that we are so happy and we love each other but we just don’t feel like it at the moment.” (Post continues after gallery.)

It’s a refreshing attitude that will probably have many people breathing a sigh of relief.

It’s not just you.

While you may think that everyone else is having sex 24/7, if you’re not doing it weekly, monthly or even at all, it’s perfectly okay.

Swan also mentioned the difficulty of getting a spare moment with three children in the house.

“With our first one he never slept in bed with us at all, Leo, he is a slice of heaven, so now when he comes in he has this sense of trepidation coming into the room, he’s nervous,” Swan said. (Listen: Our parenting podcast This Glorious Mess. Post continues after audio)

“But by the time the third one came along, I said to Chris ‘Have you noticed the way she comes into the room not one shred of trepidation – nothing! She just storms in, climbs into bed and takes her position and that’s it, completely confident.”

In an interview with the site last year, the Logie winner said that if she could go back in time she’d sign a sex contract with her partner saying “after the age of 38 I’m never doing it again.”

“Every time I have sex I get pregnant. I (have) actually … got to seek counselling ‘cos I’m actually scared of his wand,” she said.

Image: Instagram/@chrissieswan.