Chrissie Swan: "I had a lot of mother's guilt."

For Chrissie Swan, the single most important lesson she’s learned from motherhood is simple: Don’t sweat the small stuff.

And as a busy working mother of three, it’s a lesson she had to learn early on.

The Aussie radio and TV personality recently spoke to The Motherish about work/life balance, social media and the pressures placed on modern mums.

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She said mothers tended to put too much pressure on themselves to be perfect.

"I do see it in other women and it’s so unfortunate and silly for mothers to put so much pressure on themselves. I think it comes from our obsession with work life balance and having it all," she said.

"Motherhood can be really hard. I think the biggest hurdle for me was trying to fit my pre-baby life into a post baby-life, which is a recipe for misery. Eventually, I learnt to say no and get my priorities right, but it’s a work in progress. I got the hang of it but I had a lot of mother’s guilt.

"But really, there’s nothing to be guilty about. Modern women tend to overcomplicate things for our kids but they just want more time, they just want you to be there. You just can’t sweat the small stuff."

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Swan warned women of the dangers of social media and urged them to make themselves a priority.


"Social media is a confection - you really have to take it with a grain of salt. Nobody’s life is perfect. No one posts pictures of their kids having a tantrum. Social media is not real, on any level," she said.

"If I let myself get run down I’m no good for anyone, so I focus on looking after myself. And if the kids are having fun, I’m having fun."

Swan also spoke about her role as a CARE Australia ambassador.

"I loved their message so we started working together more and more. They do a lot of work with girls in developing countries, giving them an education to change their lives. It just makes sense," she explained.

Image via Instagram @chrissieswan.

She said she was also proud to support the CAREgifts range that supports CARE’s work to improve the lives of women, girls and their communities. For as little as $10, families can give school books, ducklings, a piglet or even send a girl to school this Christmas and make a difference to the lives of those less fortunate.

"This time of year is crazy with the amount we spend on presents and we really do forget that for the vast majority of children in the world don’t even have a yo-yo. CARE gifts is an opportunity to give something really meaningful and life changing," she said.

Find out more about CARE Australia’s work fighting global poverty here, or check out the CAREgifts range here:

What's the best lesson you've learned from motherhood?

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