7 gut-wrenchingly honest moments from Chrissie Swan's A Current Affair interview.

For the past two days we’ve been watching gripping previews of Chrissie Swan’s exclusive interview with Tracey Grimshaw on A Current Affair on our TV screens.

The emotional still images of Chrissie in tears while opening up to a phenomenal Australian interviewer, will no doubt mean a rating bonanza for tonight’s episode.

And we can tell you this right now: the revealing interview didn’t disappoint.

For those of us who have followed Chrissie’s career closely, been affected by her joyous sense of humour, cheered on her triumphs, and wanted to give her a giant bear hug whenever she’s been caught in a media storm; tonight was pretty damn illuminating.

It can’t be easy discussing your flaws and personal insecurities on national television; exposing yourself so that others can feel comforted by your honesty and humanity. But Chrissie Swan did just that. Opening up about her family, career and those smoking images, nothing was off limits in Chrissie’s 15-minute chat with host Tracey Grimshaw. Nothing.

If you missed the show tonight, here are the seven most compelling moments:

1. On her radio show and people saying it wouldn’t succeed.

Chrissie and Jane

“I said this will be a number one show I reckon and then everybody said no… that two girls can’t do it, we just wouldn’t get the numbers because we’re two women and I sort of believed that then over time.

“I thought ok maybe they know what they’re talking about that women can’t do it. So when we did do it I was really surprised really surprised.”

2. On her ambition to succeed.

“I’ve never wanted to win, like I think I never, I am driven by fun really and the most fun I can have is where I’m interested.”

3. On finding her partner, Chris and how his life has changed because of her public one.

“I completely ruined his life, so quickly…. he was such a quiet, lovely quiet guy. You know he was busy saving for a deposit for a house, living with his parents and then he met me.”

“I’m still not married but I do have children … I didn’t think that was on the agenda for me. I think I’m an acquired taste and I respect people’s opinions not to want to come on the ride”.

“I never really felt like a normal person, I never felt like a normal girl. I was always bigger and louder and laugh all the time and I don’t know I felt guys didn’t really dig that.”

4. On her much-talked-about weight.

“On a day-to-day normal basis I don’t even think about it. I mean obviously I’m a bigger person but I spend approximately zero minutes a day thinking about it… people are fascinated by a fat woman on television I don’t know why it’s interesting.

“A lot of people say oh you know you’re so brave and I say why? Because I exist [and] I have the audacity to be on television?”

Chrissie Swan on the cover of the Australian Women’s Weekly

“I think it’s really sad that a lot of larger women wear it as a curse and believe the messages that they’re not good enough or they’re not beautiful or they don’t have a right to inhabit the world like a normal person.”

“Particularly women that are larger than a size 12, are consumed with a terrible degree of self-hatred. I just don’t feel it; I don’t think I’m ugly.”

“I don’t think I have no right to be in the world or on a magazine.”

“I just don’t think its relevant the size of my ass.”

5. On her kids’ health and THAT Australian Women’s Weekly photo shoot.

“Oh it was awful because it involved my children obviously.

“I was like wow it’s the cover of the Women’s Weekly. It’s my favourite magazine and it was the last thing I expected that people would be cruel to a three year old and a one year old.”

“It’s terrible and then you’re consumed with guilt because I thought I’ll do the photo – they do such beautiful photographs – and I’ll keep one”.

“I’ll put it on the mantel and it’s wonderful and the kids are there… I just – god – couldn’t have seen that coming. I just couldn’t have, I couldn’t have seen it.”

6. On the photos of Chrissie smoking in her car while pregnant.

“I didn’t want them on the internet.”

“I know my kids will learn [but] I just didn’t want them seeing. You spend your whole life as a parent bloody making out like you’re Mother Mary; they never see you eat ice-cream, they never see you have a drink, you don’t swear around them, you certainly don’t smoke.”

“I just thought, if I can somehow…. [And then] it just went crazy. I just thought I’ll see if I can somehow keep that quiet because actually its nobody’s business for starters…”

“I didn’t want it to be on public record forever… every time I see the cover of that magazine it’s like a kick in the guts you know”

7. On how those images affected her relationship with Chris.

“I remember I had to tell him about the smoking one cause he didn’t know I was having that one cigarette a day, it was a secret from everyone including him”

“He wasn’t [cranky], he never said anything mean ever which was really nice because I certainly said a lot of mean things about myself over that time…

“But to have him as a constant reminder of what is true and what is real is great in those terrible crisis situations. I’m sure there’s going to be another one but I just don’t know when it’s going to come.”


What did you think of Chrissie’s interview? Did you watch?