Hey parents, Chrissie Swan has discovered the secret to avoiding gross nappies.

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Smelly, poo-filled nappies, there’s nothing like them. But don’t worry parents, Chrissie Swan has the solution to avoiding the stench.

The brilliant TV and radio personality posted a photo of herself after changing a nappy on Instagram. A look of sheer desperation in her eyes, she revealed her trick to avoiding the putrid smell. Oh, Chrissie, we feel your pain.

“I have probably changed thousands (millions?) of nappies over the last seven years… But sometimes the horror is so fresh and nasty you have to resort to desperate measures like plugging your nostrils with toilet paper,” she explained.

“Has anyone else done this?”

Her approach? To stuff her nostrils with toilet paper, like the total legend that she is.

Chrissie Swan's solution to stinky, poo-filled nappies. (Source: Instagram.)

If in doubt, TP-up-the-schnoz seems like the next logical step for a parent at risk of dry retching, right? (Post continues after gallery.)

My advice? I suggest also providing extra toilet paper for any visiting friends, relatives or tradespeople who may also need to block up their nasal passages. And, if not, a quick cuddle with your sweet little bub should help you to forgive and forget about the stink.

What are your tips for avoiding the dreaded nappy stench?

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