Chrissie Swan has set the record straight about the most bizarre rumour we've heard about her.

A lot of weird stuff gets said about celebrities. Most of the time, the best course of action is to ignore it, but when Aussie legend Chrissie Swan heard this rumour, her only choice was to laugh uncontrollably and then respond.

Because it was just THAT weird.

New Idea magazine published a story about Swan’s bestie (and fellow I’m A Celebrity… contestant) Joel Creasey, claiming that the pair were expecting a baby together.


“I think Chrissie would happily be my surrogate…Yeah, I think she would. She loves having kids,” Creasey was quoted as saying in the magazine.


Except this news to Chrissie, who said the report was “a load of old bull****” when her Nova breakfast co-hosts told her about the article.

“The first time I saw it was a headline. Read the headline: ‘We reveal our surprising baby news’. So surprising that the first time I heard about it was when someone sent me the link,” she said.

“How ridiculous. I won’t even have a baby for my actual husband!”

LOL. Never change, Chrissie.

Here’s a reminder of why we love Chrissie so much…

Video via Hamish and Andy