With one Instagram photo, Chrissie Swan has silenced her body critics.

Chrissie Swan’s kids sure know how to throw a party — well, a health food party at least.

Appearing on Have You Been Paying Attention? last night, the radio host and mother of three used an Instagram picture to silence her body shamers.

Swan explained her kids had set up a “party” in her bedroom, using “designer party plates” and dishing up an apple for each guest.

It’s a party you guys! In my bedroom! ????

A photo posted by Chrissie Swan (@chrissieswan) on

“So try fat shaming me over that!” she laughed when quizzed about the snap.

This may or may not be the healthiest kids party we’ve ever seen.

Take that, haters. Image: Channel 10/screengrab.

Swan's comments come just months after she addressed celebrity trainer Michelle Bridges' claim that she'd "never met a happy fat person".

"Michelle Bridges last night on Australian Story said that she’s never met a happy fat person. And yet mysteriously I have met her many times," Swan said on her NOVA radio show.

"Hi Michelle if you are listening. Remember me? I’ve known you for years. We have met many, many times … You can take it back now. I’m happy."

Featured image: Tenplay