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Why would anyone defriend Chrissie Swan on Facebook?

Radio personality Chrissie Swan recently found herself at the centre of a pretty nasty Facebook unfriending incident – and her response was pure gold.

This morning on Mix 101.1’s breakfast program Chrissie & Jane, Chrissie spoke about how a 40-year friendship recently ended in all-out Facebook war over a simple misunderstanding.

It all started when Chrissie and her sister, both busy, working mums with young children, couldn’t work out a convenient time for a catch up with some old family friends who were visiting Melbourne:

“Anyway so they were visiting Melbourne this week, and they say want to catch up? And I said yes, absolutely! Let’s get a coffee. Because they were here only a few months ago and we had a coffee and it was FABULOUS, we talked about old times and our parents and, you know, all that sort of stuff.”

So far so good. But things escalated pretty quickly once Chrissie realised the catch-up would be impossible to co-ordinate around work and family commitments during the week.

“…because it was all done on Facebook I just messaged this family friend and said look, it’s such a bummer but this week we can’t find a time that all four of us can work…Anyway she emailed me back and said yep that’s fine no worries, and I said we’ll see you next time it’ll be great, such a bummer lalala. THEN. I’m on Facebook doing something else, stuffing around wasting time. And I see this-

‘You know, we all grow up and we all move on, and some get famous and some don’t.

‘From a personal point of view I think it’s a shame for those who do become famous. We are still us – it’s your bad luck if you’re missing out on catching up with everyday great company people. I won’t make the mistake or the effort again, and I will love and cherish the friends we do have.’


Nekminnit Chrissie and her sister have been unfriended on Facebook. Ouch. And Chrissie is, well, understandably not so happy.

“Can I just tell you straight up the reason this is so offensive is because people know who I am obviously because I’m on the radio and stuff, that affects my life ZERO. At no point do I walk around my house or do my shopping like ‘check me out, I am so famous, it’s such a deal for me’. It’s not, it’s nothing to me. I never think about it, it’s no big deal. I don’t wear it as anything. And so for this idiot to think that it’s all about that, that I am not meeting her for a coffee because I think I’m too good for her, and nothing to do with the reasons I actually told her which is I’ve got three kids under six you effing idiot.”

This is the response Chrissie ACTUALLY ended up sending:

“If this is about me, and I think it might be, I’m very disappointed at your lack of understanding. I work full time, some days three jobs, and I have three children under six. My weekends are free, but this DID NOT SUIT YOU! My inability to see you has nothing to do with being famous, and everything to do with being busy with work and family during the week and your unavailability on the weekend. To jeopardise over forty years of friendship that my family has shared with your husband’s family over this is irresponsible and unfortunate.”

Word, Chrissie Swan. Word.

Have you ever been unfriended on Facebook? What would make you unfriend someone?