New Idea apologises to Chrissie Swan.




New Idea magazine has issued an unprecedented apology after publishing an article that dramatically misquoted radio and TV personality Chrissie Swan.

According to the current issue of New Idea, the top rating Melbourne breakfast radio host and TV presenter wishes there was a ‘magic slimming pill’ that would stop her from having ‘repulsive cottage cheese thighs’.

Words she never said and rejects outright.

The gossip magazine, which was released this morning, ran a series of quotes about the radio host’s apparent body issues. Which included lengthy “quotes” where Chrissie allegedly ridiculed her thighs and spoke about getting frightened when she looks in the mirror.

The quotes were taken from Swan’s radio show ‘The 3pm Pick-up’ with co-host Jane Hall.

The pair had done a photo-shoot with New Idea and were talking about it on air. Jane went on to say that her own thighs were ‘so repulsive’.

However, the quotes that the magazine attributed to Swan – were actually Hall’s. This is perfectly clear on the audio of the on-air conversation which Mamamia has heard. But not apparently to New Idea who claim they were confused.


In a statement to the Herald Sun the magazine said:

“There are a number of quotes that were mistakenly attributed to Chrissie Swan which we would like to correct, such as; referring to her thighs as being repulsive and like a tub of cottage cheese, being confronted by her body image in the mirror, and spending all her pay on treatment for cellulite. 

We were given an audio file by publicists for the radio station, after Chrissie and Jane discussed the New Idea photo shoot on their 3PM Pickup radio show, unfortunately, we were mistaken when we attributed those remarks to Chrissie. They were in fact comments made by Jane Hall in a light-hearted banter between the two hosts. “New Idea apologises to Chrissie for the error.”

Speaking to A Current Affair earlier this year, Chrissie said:

 I mean obviously I’m a bigger person but I spend approximately zero minutes a day thinking about it… people are fascinated by a fat woman on television I don’t know why it’s interesting.

Nor do we Chrissie, nor do we.

As we said before (when Sonia Kruger was humiliated by the same magazine who published the screeching headline “What happened to Sonia’s face?”), here’s a genuinely New Idea: stop holding famous, talented, awesome women like Chrissie and Sonia up to ridicule.