Chrissie Swan speaks about shock radio axing.

Chrissie Swan






Radio host and media personality Chrissie Swan, 41, has spoken out about being let go from her Mix FM breakfast show, which she has hosted with Jane Hall for the past three years.

Chrissie has confirmed that it was not her choice to leave the show: “It’s very rare to leave on your own volition because it’s like cutting your arm off. You can’t imagine missing out on all that fun,” Chrissie told news.com.au.

But Chrissie can’t give details of what radio bosses at the Australian Radio Network told her about her dumping, saying, “I can’t talk about anything like that, sadly…There are confidentiality agreements in place”.

Chrissie and Jane took their breakfast show to the number one spot in May this year and research shows that Chrissie is consistently one of the most popular radio personalities in Melbourne. Her axing came as a shock to fans of her breakfast show and her syndicated afternoon program, the 3PM Pickup.

Swan said that radio listeners will hear more from her next year, and that she is currently weighing up her job options.

She told news.com.au, that making a decision about what to do next is hard: “I’m just hunting and gathering information and I’m just getting it all on the table and probably in a couple of weeks I will make those big decisions.”

In good news for fans, Chrissie says, “I don’t know what I’m going to do next, but I’m still going to be working”.

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