Chrissie Swan has two new men in her life.

We were dancing in our seats when we heard Chrissie Swan was returning to radio, hosting Melbourne’s Nova 100.

Now, Nova Entertainment has revealed the two others who will be joining her on the breakfast show.

None other than “AFL great” Johnathan Brown and “talented comedian” Sam Pang.

We all love Chrissie. Remember that beautiful moment her son surprised her on “I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here”? You should watch it. Again. And, again and again. (Post continues after video.)

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In a statement, Nova Entertainment wrote:

“These three passionate and iconic personalities will deliver a daily breakfast show that lives and breathes what’s important to Melbourne.”

Chrissie Swan seems pretty excited about the whole gig, saying she’s a huge fan of Sam Pang and, despite not being too across footy, Browny and her have already bonded over The Bachelor.

Sam Pang added his classic charm to the announcement, saying:

“I genuinely can’t believe Nova gave me a job. I’m so thrilled to be working with Chrissie Swan – other than Gabi Grecko and Mark Latham I can’t think of anyone I’d rather do radio with – and Jonathan Brown, who played 256 games of AFL and now he’s got five mornings a week to tell me all about them.”

Scroll through to see some of the best shots from Chrissie’s Instagram. (Post continues after gallery.)

The COO of Nova Entertainment, Louise Higgins, has described the move as “bold” and intended to be voices that are “distinctly Melbourne”.

Some people have been left a tad confused (and we don’t blame them) as to how Johnathan Brown is “distinctly Melbourne”, after playing all of his 256 AFL games with the Brisbane Lions.

But, we can clarify that he was born in Warrnambool, Victoria, which is only 256 kilometres from Melbourne.
So, you know, he’s close to being “distinctly Melbourne”.

Hopefully, for everybody involved, this is the end of the ongoing radio reshuffles. It started after Chrissie Swan was brought in to replace former hosts, Meshel Laurie and Tommy Little. Laurie has already confirmed that she was switching over to Kiis 101.1 by 2016.

You’ll be able to hear Chrissie, Sam and Johnathan on your radios in January next year.

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