Jennifer Aniston pranks the world's most awkward interviewer.



You know the one thing more fun to watch than an awkward interview?

A second awkward interview.

British radio personality Chris Stark, who has accidentally become famous for his awkward interviewing technique, has been pranked by none other than Jennifer Aniston.

Last year, Chris, 27, hit the viral video list by interviewing Mila Kunis in the most uncomfortable seven-minute interview in the history of the universe. He had ten minutes notice before the interview, freaked out with nerves, and then largely just spoke about his mates at the pub. He even invited Mila to Nando’s.

Chris’s first interview with Mila Kunis. Scroll down for the interview with Jennifer Aniston.


Since then, Chris has been allowed to interview big stars including Emma Thompson and Colin Farrell, armed only with his signature awkwardness.

And now, his friend Scott Mills of BBC1 radio, has set him up for a prank. He got Jennifer Aniston on board (as she did press for Horrible Bosses 2) to be the “worst interview-ee ever”.

Mission accepted. Mission accomplished.

We don’t want to give everything away, but it does end up with interviewer Chris shaking with tears in his eyes. Because SO. MUCH. AWKWARD.

Check the video out here. Warning: Prepare for discomfort.






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