Chris Pratt's video reminds us why dieting is actually the worst.


Chris Pratt, star of Jurassic World and Guardians of the Galaxy, is currently on a diet and not one single part of his being is remotely okay with that.

The 37-year-old actor is slimming down for his upcoming role in Jurassic World 2, and has been issued a strict meal plan.

It doesn’t help that he’s unable to pronounce most of the ‘snacks’ (that word is misleading – snacks are meant to be fun) that are allowed on his diet.

Rebecca Sparrow talks about how she medicates herself with food on The Well. Post continues below.

Pratt is dealing with the unimaginable emotional turmoil by uploading videos to his Instagram account titled #WHATSMYSNACK. Mostly, he just ‘accidentally’ eats things that are definitely meant for the following day, and tries to get excited about seaweed.

Not that I needed reminding, but Pratt just goes to show the one million reasons why dieting is always the worst idea.

We’re all for a healthy, balanced diet, and maybe holding back on the chocolate every now and then, but half a pistachio nut?

Well that’s just tragic.