Chris Hemsworth was forced to bake a birthday cake for his daughter. Absolutely nails it.

Chris Hemsworth has donned the superhero role once again but this time it’s not the world he’s rescuing, it’s his little girl.

The Thor superstar swapped his hammer for a spatula when the request for his daughter’s fourth birthday cake was rejected.

The unnamed bakery apparently didn’t have enough time to squeeze in an order for three-year-old India Rose so Hemsworth took matters into his own (mighty, handsome) hands.


Shrouded in glitter with a generous smattering of smarties, Hemsworth has followed the golden rule of amateur baking: more is more is more.

He called the cake: “La T-Rex A La Chocolate” – so his French could use a little work but at least he’s embracing his inner-feminist by making the green beastie a she.

We can only hope this was the face he pulled when he decided to bake the cake himself. (Source: Instagram.)

Hemsworth may not be a contender in the next season of Greatest Australian Bake Off but his chocolate T-Rex is certainly a sweet gesture.

It's a 10/10 from us.

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