Chris Gayle wore a really stupid t-shirt. And it tells us everything we need to know.

Last week, Chris Gayle said a stupid thing on the telly.

His employers were unhappy. The public was unhappy. Everyone remembered that some people say deeply sexist things and still think it is funny.

There were some allegations that Chris Gayle had done inappropriate things before. No one seemed terribly surprised. Gayle made light of his punishment on Instagram. Again, no one seemed terribly surprised.

And the story probably would have gone away.

But then yesterday, Chris Gayle wore a stupid t-shirt.

A really stupid t-shirt.

Teaching the bruv some manners on speaking to women in oz! #goodbloke #2ndchance @chrisgayle333

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He wore it again, this morning:

Hot name so the #FireMen to the rescue. ???? A photo posted by Chris Gayle (@chrisgayle333) on

It seems he really likes that stupid t-shirt.

Now, Chris Gayle is a professional sportsman. He’s not short of a quid. He can buy any number of t-shirts. People probably give him free t-shirts. He probably doesn’t do his own laundry, so he probably has a lot of t-shirt options, every day.

So this week, he really didn’t need to wear a t-shirt that depicts the cover of an EP by Alex Maynard.

Which looks like this:


Making inappropriate comments to a journalist on air is not very smart.

Making fun of your apparent punishment from your employers is unwise.

But wearing a t-shirt that depicts a woman being grabbed by the hair while the hair-grabber is sticking his fingers up into her bathing-suit bits — the week after all that went on — is just stupid.

Yes, it’s just a t-shirt.

But it’s a t-shirt that says: “You know how you were thinking maybe this thing was blown out of proportion and maybe I was just a sports-player who didn’t realise he was being inappropriate, and maybe young men learned more from the swift response than they did from my stupid comments? Well, you were wrong. I really am that guy you thought I was, and I don’t care.”

[Well, actually, the t-shirt says, “Hard F*cker”. But that’s what it really means.]

Will someone please slip down to Lowes and buy a 3-pack of Bonds t-shirts?

You know, something to wear on the flight home.

#DubaiAtlantis Tek who fa money, u mad! ????

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Right now me up like 7 on a Boss level! We run d place 24/7 #Igloo #BeachWeAReach A photo posted by Chris Gayle (@chrisgayle333) on


Seriously. Even just a pack of Chesties. Something.