Remember when we used to actually dress up to travel? Chris Bath does.

Think back to your last travel outfit. Chances are it was born out of necessity rather than style — leggings, a comfy jumper, a scarf for the inevitable mid-flight freeze and the boots that were too heavy for your suitcase. Don’t even get us started on the sloppy outfits we wear on our return…

It wasn’t always like this. From the ’50s when commercial travel was new and exciting right up until, presumably tracksuits became commonplace (I’m looking at you, Juicy Couture), passengers would dress up in their finest outfits to travel. Just ask Chris Bath.

The former Seven Network news presenter shared a rediscovered photo of her first family holiday in the ’70s — and the outfits do not disappoint.

After saving for years to take the family on holiday, Bath’s parents Maureen and Don treated her and her sister to a Jetset tour to Disneyland. Such a special occasion required special outfits — matching, of course.


Chris and her sister are decked out in brilliant ensembles, with a jacket, striped jumper and enviable highwaisted flares or “travel culottes” in the perfect red to match their Jetset travel bags. The finishing touch? Matching pigtails with ribbon.

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It was Bath, her sister and her mum’s first time on a plane, and with international travel a big expense, it’s a gesture Bath still appreciates.

Cannot believe how hard my parents must’ve saved for this trip. They were not wealthy people,” she commented on the photo.

It wasn’t just Bath who was enjoying the flackback, many followers commented, sharing their own memories of childhood travel. (Post continues after gallery.)

“My mum used to make similar travel culottes for our family. Not sure why that fashion is extinct??” joked one, while another wrote, “I still remember my ’80s family holiday photos that include my sister and I in matching jacket/jodhpurs sets in olive green with gold trim and the boys in matching checked shirts.”

Even former Vogue Australia editor Kirstie Clements gave it a seal of approval.

“Adorable. 100 per cent acrylic sweater, I had one too. Your mum’s jaunty scarf btw — love!” she commented.

Did you have a similar outfit?