Chris Bath's farewell party invites are hilarious.

Chris Bath is your father.

Newsreader Chris Bath’s contract at Channel Seven is up at the end of this month, which means, after 20 years on the job, she’s got some celebrating to do.

Bath, 48, sent out rather humorous invitations to her farewell do, with herself dressed as Darth Vader on the front.

Guests were instructed: “You cannot eVade-her. Join Chris Bath at Sith… May the force be with you…”

“You cannot eVade-her”…. Chris Bath’s party invites. Image via Instagram.

The invite was the latest in a string of references to the nickname, Bath Vader, that was bestowed upon her by alleged-but-probably-not rival Samantha Armytage.

After Bath discovered Sam had nicknamed her for the world’s most notorious movie villain, she turned up at work with a light saber.

Chris Bath and colleagues, including the late Ian Ross. Image via Instagram.

When Bath announced her decision not to continue on in her coveted role as a Seven Network newsreader, everyone wanted to know: did she jump or was she pushed?

Inevitably, people speculated it was that dastardly Samantha Armytage who was the cause of Bath’s shock exit.

Chris Bath through the years… Post continues after gallery.

We’re pretty sure Armytage got her Bath Vader invite and will be there with bells on.

Check out Chris Bath’s dancin’ skills on her Dancing with the Stars turn. 

Video via Channel 7

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