How to make the most out of the biggest investment in your home.

My first proper bed was made with milk crates. Yes, milk crates. My dad was a milkman so we had a lot of them around. They had four kids and money was tight. I’d slept in a cot until the age of six. It was a big cot, but a cot none the less. I fell out of it one night trying to climb out to use the bathroom, which was when my new bed was created – a single bed mattress propped up on milk crates.

It was actually quite comfortable. As long as I didn’t sit down on it too quickly or roll around on it too much during the night, the milk crates would stay in place. We had slippery concrete floors so the milk crates would slide around constantly.

My bed situation improved substantially as I got older but I’ve never owned an incredible bed. I’ve slept in incredible beds a couple of times during stays in incredible hotels with amazing king-size beds that I seriously considered packing up and living in.

"I’ve slept in incredible beds a couple of times during stays in incredible hotels with amazing king-size beds that I seriously considered packing up and living in." Image via iStock.

So it’s time for me to invest in an incredible bed. But there’s just so many to choose from and it’s hard to know where to start.

Even for those without a bed-history as traumatic as mine, you may be in need of a bed upgrade yourself. Let’s be honest, your bed is one of the most vital assets in your home. You spend every night in it, getting precious sleep, and it’s the main feature in your bedroom, so it needs to look good too.

I find all furniture shopping, including bed shopping, pretty stressful. So many stores promise a range of things and it can be a bit overwhelming. After trying out a few beds in store it’s hard to remember the assets of the first one you looked at once you get to the fourth, and they can all start to seem the same.

But now there’s an easy solution.

The Snooze BedBUILDER tool allows you to pick every aspect of your bed from the colour, shape and material of the headboard right down to the storage options in the base of the bed.

Even I found it simple to use.

Easy peasy. Image via iStock.

I started by choosing a curved, upholstered headboard. I love those. I tend to work in bed a lot and read and paint my nails, so I need the headboard to be comfortable. They look comfy and they feel comfy. Next I chose a neutral fabric for the headboard and the base.

I like to dress my bed with dramatic Manchester so I don’t need the design of it to be too bold, although I can see the appeal in some of the many designs on offer. My next choice was to have storage in the base. My dream bed would include two draws that I could use for all the beautiful bedding I’d buy to go with it. Then I chose the square timber legs that I thought looked great with my ivory design. I was then directed to my local store before choosing the size, so I could access local prices. I chose a king size bed.

I present my dream – incredible – bed:

The price I was quoted includes the bed itself without the mattress and bedding. It was more affordable than I thought it would ever be.

BedBUILDER allows you to customise everything about your dream bed. All you have to do is choose from each of the options and then crawl into it each and every night for the rest of your life.

Snooze is already known for its premium quality and value. Now you can add simple to the list. It’s quite an upgrade from milk crates.

What would be your dream bed?