Women rejoice: there's a chocolate that can stop your period pain.

It’s a tired (but all-too-true) cliche that women crave chocolate when ‘that time of the month’ comes around.

But breaking out a delicious block of the good stuff won’t ease the cramps that often come with getting your period. Until now, that is.

Swiss chocolate-making brand Chocolate With Love claims to have made a chocolate block that relieves period cramps.

The finished product. (Image via Funders)

The company says their block ‘Frauenmond’ (which translates to  ‘women’s moon’) combines quality dark chocolate with "17 organic medicinal herbs", which is supposed to have a "soothing effect" on abdominal pains.

No word as to what the herbs are (or if they are even legal in Australia), but the makers say the recipe was prepared by a herbal specialist.


In an interview with a Swiss news website, 20 Minuten, the company's head, Marc Widmer, said the herbs work with the serotonin in cocoa, which can also relax the body.

Chocolate + herbs = no more period pain. (Image via Funders)

But before you rush out to your nearest supermarket to grab a block, you should know the company haven't quite got the project off the ground yet.

Chocolate With Love has started a crowd-funding campaign on European website Funders to get their chocolate to supermarket shelves.

So far they've raised 1500 Swiss francs (a bit more than AUD$2000) towards their target of CHF 13,500 ($18,160).

Here's hoping they reach their goal.