One Kmart has gone to extreme lengths to protect its chocolate from shoplifters.

A Kmart in the Melbourne suburb of Reservoir has upped its security game to place anti-theft cases over Cadbury chocolate blocks, reports the Preston Leader.

What a time to be alive.

The security measure may stop sticky-fingered thieves from slipping a few Top Decks into their pockets, or snacking between aisles, but it also makes buying the items a huge pain.

Customers are reportedly forced to wait for register attendants to unlock the cases at the counter if they plan on purchasing a block.

If you’ve never bought something from one of those cases, you’ll know the interaction will probably go a little like this:

“Hi. I’d like to buy a $5 block of chocolate.”

“Oh yes, no problem….”


*Turns to the person behind them* “John… John! Do you have a key for this….”

“Key for what?”

“The chocolate boxes.”



Case. In. Point. (Or is it a point in a case?)

Watch: If the security cases proves too much, you can always make these bad boys at home. (Post continues after video.)

Local newspaper The Preston Leader contacted Kmart but were told it could not comment on the matter.


However, it seems Cadbury could, as the company’s official Twitter account responded to the initial photo, posted by reporter Harrison Tippet.

“We could use some of those protective cases to take home to stop us eating a whole block in one sitting,” the official account stated.

Time will only tell if the measures prove effective but surely, surely those little plastic boxes are more valuable than what’s inside them.

It’s food for thought, in the very least.

Sorry, shoplifters, but your days of $5 theft are over. Source: Nickelodeon/Cadbury.

Featured image: Harrison Tippet/Twitter (@Hwtippet)