Do you know what a chocolate chip cookie milk shot is? You should.

This is a real life scenario.

It’s movie-watching time. You feel like many different kinds of snacks.

You go to the kitchen and eventually find what you need: popcorn, cookies, milk.

But wait. You have three items. And only two hands. You ponder whether you can hold your popcorn under one arm, but no, it’s too hot and too big and you know it just will not survive the precarious trip back to the couch. You scowl. And then you throw everything on the ground and spit on it all in anger.

Life is just so unfair sometimes. But, things are about to get much, much better.

We give to you, the chocolate chip cookie milk shot.

The man behind the cronut, Dominque Ansel, has invented a cookie that you put milk in. So you drink the milk. And then you have a cookie.

You can literally have your popcorn, cookies and milk, and eat/drink it too.

This is a good world.

We just have one question: Doesn’t the cookie get soggy?