Chloe and Paul Fisher are expecting a baby. Their pregnancy journey was a 'living nightmare'.

For entrepreneur Chloe Fisher and her Grammy-nominated husband DJ Paul Fisher — known to most as simply 'FISHER' — the journey to conceive and stay pregnant was like 'living through a nightmare'.

The couple are now expecting their first child in 2024, and the 31-year-old business owner and podcast host has recently opened up about her painful four-year journey, which saw her suffer four miscarriages, undergo eight rounds of IVF and face multiple surgeries.

Speaking on her podcast Darling, Shine! which she co-hosts with best friend Ellidy Pullin, Chloe unpacked her journey to falling pregnant, describing it as "surreal".


"We must have fallen pregnant within 48 hours of getting married," she shared on the podcast. "I then went on to have my first miscarriage at around seven weeks. Little did I know that I would then go on to have another three miscarriages — none of them got easier. I lost three singleton pregnancies and one set of boy twins."

"It's just something that you're not going to get over."

Chloe shared that at the same time, her best friend Ellidy and partner Chumpy Pullin were also trying for a baby at the same time. 

"Sadly we lost Chumpy and everybody's world — obviously including Ellidy's - came completely crashing down. Eventually, Minnie was born and Paul and I were able to step up - there's no way that we could fill the void of Chumpy - but we were able to help Elle out."

The couple soon started seeing an IVF doctor, who then discovered Chloe had endometriosis. 

"Eventually, I ended up doing about eight rounds of IVF. The amount of needles was pretty crazy. For me, after having four miscarriages I'm like — you can't be this unlucky."

"This doctor actually said 'I think I can see Asherman syndrome'. It's quite a rare condition. I had the surgery the recovery was horrendous. It was one of the most painful things I have ever had."

"Trying to conceive and not being able to conceive and going through so many losses is just so traumatic on the body and it's just s**t on your relationship. Paul and I - I'm so grateful I have him there to support me. It was horrendous."


"I investigated into doing surrogacy and I did mentally prepare that this woman was going to carry our baby — and she's a bloody legend."

Then, late last year, came the "greatest gift of all".  

"We decided to book our very delayed honeymoon. My boobs were massive, my heart rate was elevated. I got home that day and peed on a stick and it was positive. It's so incredibly surreal and I actually still don't believe it's actually happening."


If you follow the Fishers on social media, you'll know that their day-to-day life is anything but average.

Every year, the entrepreneur and her husband live between the Gold Coast, Los Angeles and Ibiza.

The couple are usually based in Australia over Christmas and New Year, then head to America until the end of May, followed by Europe for the summer season.

It's a routine they've had for almost five years now.

When speaking to Mamamia last year, the 31-year-old was at home in LA after undergoing surgery to remove excessive amounts of scarring inside her uterus.


"I never knew I had any issues until we started trying for a baby," Chloe told us.

"It's pretty much been three years, to the week, that I had my first miscarriage, and it's literally just been hell uphill since," she said.

"Looking at it now, and it's been hit after hit after hit. You know, people go on and live their lives, but the girl who's actually struggling with fertility, that consumes your life every single day."

Chloe started talking about her fertility journey after her first miscarriage. In fact, it's one of the main reasons she and Ellid started their podcast.

"It's crazy how loved I feel through so many people that I don't even know," she said.

Last year, her husband, 36, shared an Instagram post praising his wife for all she has been through.


"For me to read that I was just, like, in tears," Chloe told Mamamia

"And, you know, he just reminded me, [I] got through all of this whilst being my own boss. You still have to get up every day, send emails and do your work.

"It's kept me really busy."

Prior to her pregnancy announcement, Chloe gave us a snippet into her daily routine, which saw her wake up around 7am most mornings. She tries to avoid looking at her phone first thing, and instead, jumps straight in the shower and does her skincare routine.

She and Fisher attend a workout class at the popular Barry's Bootcamp gym franchise multiple times a week, then head to a nearby coffee shop to meet Fisher's manager or friends.

(Side note, Chloe mentioned her husband doesn't drink coffee despite being a DJ. Wild.)

After years of living out of a suitcase, the couple now have a place to call home in Venice Beach, Los Angeles.


Much like their ever-changing schedule, Chloe does a bunch of different things for work.

She heads up her husband's merchandise, is the co-host of the podcast, Darling, Shine!, co-owns a seltzer business, Hard Fizz, and recently collaborated with Prene to release her own line of neoprene handbags.

"I love business, numbers and spreadsheets," she said, speaking of her many ventures.

One of her collections includes a bag called The Minnie, named after Chloe's goddaughter, Minnie Pullin.


Chloe admits she's not much of a breakfast person; and although spoilt for choice with places to eat out in LA, she and her husband prefer to cook for themselves.

They occasionally go for a late lunch or pick up a meal from American supermarket Wholefoods or Erewhon, "but you basically need to take a mortgage out to eat [at the latter] every day", she told us.

Chloe will then cook dinner most nights around 6.30 to 7pm, and she likes to keep it very simple.

"I'm a meat and three veg [girl]," she said. "I love salmon at the moment, couscous... I like all my things separate on the plate. I'm such a weirdo."

Then it's time for bed between 9:30 and 10pm, always.

But that 'regular' daytime routine, she tells us, is far from the norm.

Chloe and Paul Fisher met in Bali in 2012 and got married there in 2020, just before the pandemic hit.

"We're such a tight unit, Paul and I, like, where we're so lame," Chloe told us. "We're just such a team that if we're not together, we miss each other so much. So that's why I'm just so grateful that I have the opportunity to work my jobs and do what I can remotely."


When her DJ husband is touring, Chloe is usually on the road alongside him. She manages the little logistics, along with the rest of the staff. 

"I'm the only girl on the team. And I like things to be done," she said.

It means very late nights, minimal sleep and airports every day.

"You're just running on adrenaline and I'm helping him with whatever he needs," she added. "But I love it."


The schedule gets even more hectic when the pair go to Europe in May, with their weeks usually structured from Wednesday to Wednesday, she explains. 

Every Wednesday night, FISHER plays a 3am to 7am show in Ibiza. The team then sleeps and recovers on Thursday, flies to a different country on Friday, has Saturday and Sunday for shows, then travels back to Ibiza on Monday or Tuesday — and starts all over again.

"It happens every single week for three months over summer," Chloe said.

"But to do this with my best mate, it's a dream."

This article was originally published in March, 2023, and has since been updated.

Feature image: Instagram/@chloe.fisher

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