The Chipwich is the newest food craze you need to sink your teeth into.


There is something gloriously humble about the ice-cream sandwich.

It might be how it’s often overlooked in favour of its more nostalgic cousins: the Gaytime fusions and the gum-nosed sheriffs.

It may warm you to know the ice-cream sandwich is making a comeback, and like all good comebacks, it has had a makeover.

It is no longer known as a mere ‘ice-cream sandwich’, it is now colloquially known as a Chipwich.




  1. A sandwich created by placing two chocolate chip cookies on either side of a slab of ice-cream.

The ‘Chipwich’ is like a ‘Cronut’ in the sense the term is not universally owned but rather, the clever work of two American men in 1981.

The term ‘chipwich’ has however become so popular as a way to describe ice-cream wedged between cookies that it has stuck as a more general term.

And it is currently going off. 


Thousands of images of chipwiches are flooding American social media as cooks clamber to come up with a new way to sell an old idea.

A chipwich seems to hold no standard size – some are so large their consumption requires two-hands and others are so dainty that just two fingers will do.

The revamped creations may not have hit the mainstream here but the overseas craze has Aussie promise.


The success of an Aussie food trend seems to rely upon three elements: accessibility, photogenic appeal and taste.

An avocado smash, for example, is easily assembled, attractively bright and deliciously fatty.

The chipwich can be made at home and to an individual’s specific diet and desires. Vegan? Sure. Gluten-free? You bet.

It’s attractive to look at and it’s bloody delicious.

A truly sweet sight. (Source: iStock.)

The history of the original Chipwich is almost as sweet as it is. Although accounts of 'ice-cream sandwiches' extend back to the late 1800s, where a scoop of the frozen dessert was delicately smooshed between wafers, the Chipwich is a different beast.

The New York Times reports the original Chipwich sandwich was invented in part by Richard LaMotta in 1981. LaMotta worked as a varied businessman before turning his hand to the food industry.

Gooey, drippy goodness.(Source; iStock.)

LaMotta was said to have come up with the idea while trying to create a way to incorporate cookies into ice-cream without them growing soggy.

The launch of the frozen creations were an immediate hit. LaMotta and his business partner soon faced competition from imitation desserts, and to an extent, still does.

Have you made a chipwich at home and not realised? Share your foodie creations below.  

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