He went to the hospital with stomach cramps and got the shock of his life.




A married man in China went to the doctor complaining of stomach cramps, and he was given a diagnosis that confused everybody involved:

The man, called Mr. Chen, was actually a woman. And he was having stomach cramps because he was on his period.

Wait… What?


According to Chinese website, the 44-year-old ‘knew something was wrong with him when he found himself feeling constantly fatigued and having a swollen face and legs’.

He also had blood in his urine.

He went to the doctor who arranged a CT scan in an attempt to find out what was going on.

He was apparently shocked at the diagnosis.

That CT scan showed the man had both a uterus and ovaries. A further chromosomal exam showed Mr Chen had a pair of female XX sex chromosomes.

So, genetically at least, Mr. Chen was in fact a woman.

Understandably confused, doctors asked Mr. Chen if they could perform a physical examination of his body. This revealed that Mr. Chen had no male genitalia and no adam’s apple.

Now, it’s perfectly legitimate for someone who is not genetically born a man to identify as a man. But, there is no indication that Mr. Chen identified as transgender. He was apparently shocked at being diagnosed as, well, a woman. He continued to insist that he was confused about getting a period. He also insisted that he had sexual relations as man, with his wife. Doctors apparently doubted that was true. It’s not been disclosed whether or not Mr. Chen is receiving any further physical or mental medical attention.

Whatever is going on with Mr. Chen, one thing’s for certain: nobody expected a man with stomach cramps to leave the hospital a woman on her period.