These photos of Kim Jong-un as a child wearing military garb are nothing short of eerie.


Rare childhood photos of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un have been aired on North Korea’s state-run broadcaster.

The images were released as part of a concert at which the “Dear Leader” met with members of the country’s air force and, well, they’ve got everyone talking….

Fascinating, huh?

The photos of Kim, 31, as a chubby-cheeked child are particularly significant because very few images of the leader as a boy have ever been released.


Kim’s early life is shrouded in secrecy. Although it is widely believed he attended school in Switzerland under an alias, the exact years of his tuition are unknown and even his year of birth is in dispute.

The photos are warm and fuzzy in comparison to other headlines coming out of North Korea this week — which include a State news agency article slamming a recent U.N. report and attacking its openly gay author, former High Court chief justice Michael Kirby.