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Senator Sue Boyce delivers valedictory speech calling out Abbott as “a sexist”.

Senator Sue Boyce has delivered a powerful exit interview today before her formal retirement from politics at the end of June.

During the interview, she called Tony Abbott one of many “subtle sexists” found in Australian Parliament, and criticised Gillard for singling out the PM as a rarity and using the word ‘misogynist’ instead of ‘sexist’ to describe him.

Boyce also added many of the older male MP’s against the paid parental leave scheme had outdated views and “still yearn for the life when…proper mothers stayed home and looked after the children”.

She did however concede that Mr Abbott had been more receptive of female views than many of her other male colleagues over the years.

Pakistani woman, 21, gang-raped and killed.

A 21-year-old woman, Muzammil Bibi, was yesterday attacked and gang raped by three men in a field in the Layyah area in the province of Punjab. Bibi was found hanged from a tree in a case that is eerily similar to the horrific deaths of two women hanged in India last month.

Officials say this is the first time they have seen such a case occurring in Pakistan.

They also reported that Bibi’s body revealed signs of resistance against the attackers’ attempts to strangle her.

Three men have so far confessed to the crime. Two policemen have also been held on suspicion of trying to cover up the crime.

Popular blogger Instagram suspended due to daughter’s ‘nude’ photos.

Popular blogger Courtney Adamo from Babycinno Kids has been deleted from Instagram after numerous complaints photos of her daughter violated community standards of nudity. The photo that has attracted the attention is of daughter Marlow lifting up her shirt to reveal her belly.

Defending her decision to post the photos Adamo said, “I thought it was such a sweet photo of my baby girl and her gorgeous, round belly (and outie belly button).”

Instagram is yet to comment on how the photo violated community standards. Adamo remains adamant the pictures she posts contain no offensive nudity.

Childcare Affordability Report reveals skyrocketing cost of childcare.

A Childcare Affordability in Australia Report, prepared by AMP and the National Centre for Social and Economic Modelling, has revealed that some full-time working parents are earning less than $5 per hour after childcare costs, income tax and the government benefits for stay-at- home parents they are not eligible for are deducted from their wages.

The report also revealed the rising cost of childcare for governments. Assistive measures and payments cost the government $900 million in 2000, increasing to $4.7 billion last financial year.

John Cherry, from Goodstart Early Learning has said, “there are some really serious disincentives in the childcare system that really need to be reformed”.

New prime suspect in MH370 disappearance released.

The official police investigation into the disappearance of flight MH370 has revealed the captain of the plane, Zaharie Ahmad Shah, is now the prime suspect.


Through conducting 170 interviews, investigators have pieced together aspects of the pilots life previously unknown. For example, the flight path simulator he had at home showed one simulated route programmed to land in the depths of the Southern Ocean on a small island runway. It was also concluded he had made no firm plans in his social or professional life for when he returned from the flight.

The police investigation is still ongoing and there has still been no conclusive verdict as to whether the pilot was behind the disappearance or not.

‘Hot mugshot guy’ family speaks out.

Jeremy Meeks became an internet sensation this week after his seemingly ‘attractive’ mugshot picture went viral and started trending worldwide.

A friend of the family’s, Simon Johnson, has now said Meeks wife is “upset and furious” about the attention he has received.  Rather than take his sentence seriously, she is allegedly upset his time in jail is being made a mockery of.

Meeks was arrested on 11 felony charges, with bail set at $1 million.

Donations to release him have so far totalled $2500. His mother has pleaded, “he has old tattoos…which cause him to be stereotyed. He’s my son and he is so sweet.”

 Obama joins debate over threat Australian jihadists travelling to Syria pose to society.

US President Barack Obama has raised concerns over Australian jihadists returning to Australia following time spent fighting in Iraq and Syria.

Obama, in an interview with CNN, said, “There is no doubt the problem in Syria is one that we have been paying a lot of attention to over the last couple of years as you see jihadists coming in from Europe and as far as Australia to get trained and then going back into their home countries.

“This is something we have been deeply concerned about.

“Part of the reason we have been supporting a moderate opposition effort in Syria is to make sure there are forces countering some of the gains some of these extremist organisations have made inside of Syria.”

 Another asylum seeker has set himself on fire.

It has been revealed a forty- year-old asylum seeker living in Melbourne’s Noble Park set himself on fire on Friday night, splashing himself with petrol and igniting his body in flames. His housemates intervened and took him to hospital, but he soon passed away.

Yesterday evening Immigration Minister Scott Morrison released a statement about the incident.

“I am aware of reports that an IMA BVE holder self-harmed by setting himself on fire in Dandenong late yesterday,” Mr Morrison said.

“My department and the ASAS service provider are monitoring the situation to ensure appropriate supports are in place.

“This is another distressing incident and I am yet to receive a briefing on the case.”

This is the third self-immolation incident involving Tamilian asylum seekers in the last few months alone.