We've all been there kid: 3-year-old got stuck inside a toy claw machine.

So, this is a thing that actually happens.

A kid in the US found himself in this unique situation yesterday:

According to local news KOLN, the adventurous 3-year-old made a break for it while his mum was briefly in the bathroom. And he must have really wanted a toy – he went out the front door of their apartment, walked down a flight of stairs and across the street, entered the local bowling alley, found the arcade game and climbed inside.

And he had to squeeze through this tiny hole:

Then this one:

Meanwhile, his mum had noticed he was gone and called the police in a panic, who were at that very moment on the phone with the owner of the bowling alley regarding a random toddler stuck inside one of their vending machines. A very clever officer at the station connected the dots and mother and child were soon reunited.

Stuck in a toy vending maching called The Bear Claw? We’ve all been there, kid.

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