'My four-year-old daughter won't put on her underwear and it's becoming a huge issue.'

Kids are weird.

That’s the consensus among parents who have been asked by one concerned guardian who is worried about their daughter’s odd habit.

“My four year old will not put on her own underwear and it is becoming a huge issue,” Vai_Kisaiya told parents on Reddit on Wednesday.

The parent says their daughter is “very stubborn and headstrong”.

“For whatever reason, she cannot or will not put on her own underwear.”

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The kindergartner struggles with putting on her own underwear – especially when they are inside-out and will often end up wearing them backwards – or not at all.

“I’ve shown her multiple times different ways how to turn her underwear right side out. I don’t know how else to teach it to her,” Vai_Kisaiya wrote.

“She’ll sit on the floor of the bathroom and half-assedly move her undies around for ages until I either get frustrated and send her to timeout, which solves nothing, or I do it for her, which just pushes the problem back for another day.”

The parent asked for help figuring out a solution to the issue which had “become a point of contention”.

“This is EVERY time she gets dressed so it’s multiple times a day that we are having this fight and it is beginning to affect our relationship.

“I love my daughter but goddamn if it isn’t frustrating.”

Vai_Kisaiya was met with nothing but sympathy, support and reassurances from parents who had experienced similar issues with their own kids.

“My 5.5 year old girl prefers her undies backwards. I’ve come to terms with the weirdness and just let her accept the irritating tag in the front,” Littlegirlghostship offered.

“Her undies are never visible in public so it’s a non-issue socially. Kids are weird.”

“Just walk away and do not engage,” NiteNicole suggested. “If they’re backwards or inside out, who cares? They’re on. I think sometimes kids get stuck in ruts and habits that don’t serve them in anyway, it’s just what they do.”

Others suggested she cut the tags off, while one commenter asked: “What’s the harm in letting her wear backwards, inside out undies?”

Turns out, it was just that perspective Vai_Kisaiya needed.

“You know, this is honestly something that never occurred to me,” the user replied.

“I guess my control freak tendencies took over and turned what should have been a molehill into a mountain. Thanks for the perspective.”

Parents, is this normal? Has your child experienced similar problems getting dressed?