Caught on camera: a nanny's chilling attack on twins


Warning: This post contains details of child abuse and the content and video may be distressing for some readers.

A US nanny caught on camera allegedly abusing one-year-old twins under her care has been arrested after the sickening footage went viral.

Dana Cash, 34, was hired by a family from Fontana, California to look after the twins and their older siblings.

Dana Cash.

The abuse was discovered when their 8-year-old brother told their mother about the nanny’s allegedly violent behaviour.

The mother installed a nanny cam which caught the women putting her hand over the mouth of the 1-year-old girl and violently shaking her.

The confronting video also shows Cash roughly grabbing and dragging one of the children and holding one of their legs down.

The children’s mother, who did not wish to be named, told ABC7 that she was horrified by the mistreatment of her children at the hands of a woman she trusted.

“I’m angry inside, and I’m hurt and part of me feels guilty because I hired her,” the mother said.

The mother reportedly said the woman had seemed “nice” during a trial period and that research on the website had revealed a clean record with no prior convictions or incidents.

She said she confronted Cash about the child abuse after viewing the video, and that Cash had described her behaviour as “a mistake”.

Cash was charged with child cruelty but has since been released on bail.

The horrifying footage can be seen here:

If this brings up issues for you please contact the Child Abuse Prevention line on 1800 688 009,  Lifeline on 13 11 14 oKids Helpline on  1800 55 1800.