News in 5: Woman "held hostage" by ex; Strawberry needle arrest; Caravan blows off cliff.

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1. A Sydney woman was allegedly abducted, stripped naked and tied up for two days by her bikie ex-partner.

A man who allegedly kidnapped, bashed and held his ex-partner hostage for two days was already on bail and the subject of a domestic violence order (DVO).

Cheyane Lubec, 22 is recovering after being held at a Sydney bikie clubhouse by ex-partner Chad Hogg. She escaped the terrifying ordeal yesterday, after she was allegedly forced into a car, bound and dragged to the Gypsy Jokers Clubhouse in Horsley Park on Sunday night.

She claims for two days she was bashed, taunted and left in darkness, deprived of food and water.

In an interview with 9 News, Lubec said she had a fractured cheekbone, blurred vision out of her right eye and a potential nose-fracture.

She said she was stripped naked, tied to a wooden pole and bashed before her head was shaved.

“He shaved off my hair and took pictures and he was laughing while he was doing that,” Ms Lubec told 9News.

“I would have preferred he cut off my finger than shave my hair off.

“I don’t know who I am anymore.”

She escaped while out for what she believed could have been her final meal at a Penrith fast food restaurant, making a mad dash and calling the police.

“He went and ordered and I unlocked the car and I grabbed my phone which was in the glovebox, in a plastic bag and I grabbed my bag and ran across the road,” she said.

“I hid in some bushes and then he drove up and down the streets a couple of times looking for me. I was on the phone to the police just waiting for them to get there.”

Hogg, 29, surrendered himself to heavily armed police at the Gypsy Jokers clubhouse yesterday after almost a two-hour standoff.

Hogg was subject to a DVO for a similar event in July, in which Lubec said he held her at a bungalow near Nepean Rover for about three days.

He was arrested and charged over the incident but was given bail, despite fears he would against assualt Lubec.

Under the DVO conditions he was forbidden to contact her, but she told 9News he has not stopped contacting her and her family.

2. A NSW boy has been arrested over needles being inserted in strawberries.


Copycats and pranksters who insert pins and needles into fruit are being hunted by police, with one boy already arrested in NSW while fresh cases continue to emerge across the state.

Needles have been found in more than 20 punnets of strawberries across NSW and potentially 100 pieces of fruit across the nation in the week since the sabotage was first detected in Queensland.

NSW Police on Wednesday announced a $100,000 reward for information that leads to a conviction for contaminated fruit.

One young boy has already been arrested over behaviour that “could be called a prank”, police said, and he would be dealt with under the youth cautioning system.

Meanwhile reports emerged on Wednesday evening of another contaminated banana in Newcastle.

A police source told AAP they were mindful of confirming specific cases for fear of inspiring more copycats.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Scott Morrison is moving to rush harsher penalties through parliament that could see “food terrorists” face 15 years in prison as the strawberry industry is brought to its knees.

3. South Australian police are set to dig for missing woman Colleen Adams’ remains.


Excavation work is to take place at a South Australian property in a bid to recover the remains of Colleen Adams, who has been missing for 45 years, after her husband was charged with her murder.

Police arrested 70-year-old Geoffrey Adams at his Wallaroo home on Wednesday afternoon, before travelling with him to the property at Maitland, on the Yorke Peninsula, where the couple had lived with their children.

Officers and forensic experts will now focus on recovering Mrs Adams’ remains from that site, which has been the subject of a fresh police search.

The property was cordoned off as a crime scene and covered with a tent overnight, before detailed excavation work is due to begin on Thursday.

Mr Adams is also due to appear in the Kadina Magistrates Court on Thursday.

He had previously told police he awoke about 7am on November 22, 1973, to find Mrs Adams fully dressed with two packed suitcases.

According to Mr Adams, she said she was leaving and never wanted to see him or the children again, before getting into a car with a middle-aged woman he did not know.

Mrs Adams was reported missing by her mother about a month later, but the case was not declared a major crime until 1979.

4. An Irish woman has died after her caravan blew off a cliff in a storm.


A woman has died after the caravan she was in was blown off a cliff in Storm Ali which is battering Ireland and parts of the UK.

The first named storm of the season brought high winds to the west of Ireland where the caravan was blown onto a beach at Claddaghduff, near Clifden in County Galway.

Irish police said the body of a woman in her 50s was found after a search on the beach.

Ireland’s RTE broadcaster said the victim was sleeping at the time when strong winds lifted the caravan from the ground.

As Ali rolled in on Wednesday morning the Met Office updated its amber weather warning of wind. Forecasters have warned of gusts of up to 130km/h inland across Northern Ireland, parts of Scotland, northeast England and northwest England.

In Northern Ireland, there were around 32,000 homes without electricity with majority of faults located in the Omagh, Dungannon and Enniskillen areas.

NI Electricity said it expected that number to rise throughout Wednesday as Ali sweeps across the country.

Travel disruption, power cuts and flying debris are possible with severe gales and heavy rain forecast for a large part of the UK, the Met Office said.

5. Peter Dutton faces a no-confidence vote over the au pair scandal.


Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton faces a no confidence vote in the House of Representatives on Thursday after a Labor-dominated Senate committee found he misled parliament.

The committee’s report said he misled the lower house when he said he had no personal connections to the employer of an au pair he gave a visa to.

Greens MP Adam Bandt wants a no-confidence vote in Mr Dutton in parliament.

“If he won’t resign, the parliament should take matters into its own hands,” Mr Bandt said on Wednesday.

Committee chair Louise Pratt said there is no basis for Mr Dutton to say he had no personal connections to the au pair’s employer.

“The very genesis for this request came through his office because of his personal connections,” Senator Pratt told parliament.

But Liberal senators on the committee said it was a “shambolic” inquiry that failed to land a killer blow.

“The extensive hearings show that not only is there no smoking gun, there is in fact no gun,” Senator Jim Molan said in parliament.

Hours before the report was released, Mr Dutton said the inquiry was politically motivated and Labor and the Greens would just find him to be a “bad person”.

Internal emails show Mr Dutton’s office demanded an au pair detained at Brisbane airport be given urgent consideration for a visa, preferably within an hour.

Mr Dutton told parliament he did not know the people she was planning to work for.

It was later revealed her intended employer was an old Queensland Police colleague of Mr Dutton’s, Russell Keag, who emailed his office to say it had been a “long time between calls”.

Mr Dutton said he had not spoken to Mr Keag in 20 years before he was approached for help with the visa.

The emails also show the department expressly disagreed with Mr Dutton’s push to give a visa to another au pair detained in Adelaide in November 2015.

He intervened after AFL boss Gillon McLachlan got his office to contact Mr Dutton’s office to ask for help.

Mr Dutton also faces a potential motion to refer him to the High Court over a possible conflict of interest because of his stake in two childcare centres that get Commonwealth funding.

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