Married At First Sight's Cheryl made a subtle dig at Jonesy that we all missed.


The show might be coming to an end, but the social media wars between the Married At First Sight stars are just getting started (rubs hands together with glee). 

Cheryl Maitland took to Instagram yesterday to announce that she’s move on with a new man. The former MAFS bride posted a photo of her and her new beau, Dean Gibbs, enjoying a romantic picnic in Melbourne.

She captioned the photo ‘And then there was you’.

Maitland also took the opportunity to take a subtle little swipe at Andrew 'Jonesy' Jones, her former TV husband, with the hashtag 'Thank God he didn't pull out his guitar', reminding everyone about the most awkward picnic in the whole history of cringe-worthy picnics.

cheryl maitland
PLEASE MAKE IT STOP. Image via Channel Nine.

Things quickly went downhill for Cheryl and Andrew, when 'Jonesy' made derogatory comments about Cheryl during a boys night. Because BOIZ.

Jonesy then denied the comments during the next dinner party (we've seen the footage, mate) when Cheryl confronted him about them. He then mimicked Cheryl while most of the boys backed him up.

Cheryl and Andrew chose to leave the 'experiment' during the next commitment ceremony.

Big Little Lies, Neighbours, and the Never Ending Story that is Married At First Sight. Post continues... 

Anyway, THANK GOD for Cheryl and Dean for proving that you CAN find love (and go on highly orchestrated picnics) even when you're not on a reality TV show.