Cher accidentally inserted herself into Aussie politics and it was hilarious.

If you’re not a regular Twitter user, it might surprise you to learn that Cher is consistently great value on social media.

Never shying away from using capital letters, her mastery of the emoji keyboard rivals that of our own Foreign Minister Julie Bishop — and that’s really saying something.

Known for offering largely incoherent commentary on a range of topics from American politics to Gummi Bears, it was surprising, though not unbelievable that she decided to chime in on a meeting between our own former Prime Minister Tony Abbott and UK Conservative Boris Johnson.

Her tweet labelled the pair a “Twiddle Tosser” and “Twiddle Wanker”, respectively.

As accurate a descriptor as it may be, Cher later revealed she’d goofed and the insult was not intended for our Tones, but was in fact aimed at the outgoing UKIP leader Nigel Farage.

By the sounds of it Cher has no idea who Tony even is, which — given our penchant for cycling though PMs these past few years — is pretty understandable, really.

And to be totally honest, there’s a certain resemblance…

Separated at birth? Source: Facebook

Anyway, here are few more of her incredibly entertaining tweets for good measure:

Never change, Cher.