Introducing the latest bizarre travel trend taking over Instagram.

There’s a new travel trend taking over Instagram and it’s, well, just a little bit cheeky.

Travellers are stopping to admire some of the most sought-after spots in the world – and after taking in the view of the Golden Gate Bridge or the sheer magic of the Northern Lights – they’re dropping their dacks and taking a ‘bum selfie’.


Yep, you heard right. Thousands of tourist photos around the world now feature the (mostly) pasty white bums of travellers from the US, the UK and Australia.

There’s even an Instagram account called Cheeky Exploits which is dedicated to the art of exposing your arse cheeks.

Cheeky Exploits says it’s “making the world happier through butts” and it seems the bums of Instagram are loving it. The account already has nearly 120 000 followers and has posted – at the time of publishing – 184 photos of bare butts.


The bum owners who are submitting their snaps have gotten quite creative – taking group shots and exposing their hind-quarters in the most unlikely of places – like at the Grand Canyon or while skiing in freezing conditions. And you have to admit, taking a photo of your caboose at a crowded tourist destination must not always be the easiest of feats.


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Would you take a cheeky snap while on holiday?