You can find out your credit score online now.

What’s your credit history like? A new website allows you to find out — before you approach a lender.





What’s your credit score?

If you — like most Australians — have no idea, this newly-launched website was made for you., launched today, allows consumers to check their credit history — and provides them with a ranking from zero to 1200, with higher scores indicating higher creditworthiness.

The idea? To give consumers a realistic snapshot of their financial status before they approach a lender.

“It is time now for consumers to get informed, find out their score and start pushing for a better deal,” GetCreditScore spokesperson Christopher Zinn said in a statement.

“If you have the confidence of a good credit score it can put you in a good position to ask for something that is better than is what’s put on the table by the lender,” Mr Zinn said, according  to News Corp.

Veda spokeswoman Belinda Diprose told News Corp a “good” score above 622 meant consumers “can feel confident when approaching a credit provider for credit”.

“It puts the power back in consumers’ hands,’’ she said.

GetCreditScore users need to enter their name, address, date of birth, email address and driver’s licence number or passport number to access their score — although the website was so inundated by visitors that it crashed this morning.

Consumers can also access their full credit reports from credit reporting agencies including Veda for free, News Ltd reports.

Do you have any idea what your credit score is? Have you ever had trouble with getting a loan because of yours?

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