Check out these Oscar-worthy engagement photos

There's nothing like a photo shoot to make you feel like a movie star - and this couple's engagement shoot is no different. Only, they've got one step further by actually transforming themselves into movie stars... with a little help from their friend Photoshop.

Instead of being snapped dancing in the park or chastely kissing in front of an aged wooden barn door, Jeff Grubb and his fiancée Stephanie are pictured riding bikes with E.T. and gazing lovingly at one another behind a pottery wheel. No iconic movie or scene is left untouched - we particularly enjoyed their take on Wayne's World (although it probably wasn't the most "romantic" choice of film).

"F*** it. I'm getting married Saturday. Here are my crappy engagement photos," Jeff wrote when he posted the photos onto a movie section of Reddit.

There's nothing crappy about these photos, though - we reckon they're Hollywood quality on an indie film-maker budget. Check out the rest of the shots here and tells us which is your favourite: