A woman's text to her boyfriend accidentally detailed exactly how she's cheating on him.

If there’s one thing you definitely should not do when you’re cheating on your partner (besides, you know, not doing it in the first place) it’s sending them a text message with all the details of your infidelity.

Unfortunately, Zoe found out the hard way when she accidentally sent a text about the hardships of juggling two relationships…to her boyfriend.

“I’m literally so anxious right now,” Zoe’s text began.

“I’ve been seeing this guy behind Jordan’s back and we had really important plans TOMORROW bc Jordan was suppose to be at work and then he texts me and says I don’t have to work TOMORROW and I don’t wanna let my other guy down.

“I feel so bad BC I’m letting them both down BC I’m a stupid w**** and I’m so sad and I already waxed my entire f****** body to f*** this dude HELP (sic).”

zoe text
Image via Twitter.

She then hit send on the message...but hadn't realised she'd sent it to Jordan accidentally.

It's safe to say Jordan wasn't too impressed, posting a screenshot of the image on Twitter with the hashtag "#2yearswithahoe".

(Jordan, we know you're mad, but we're not a fan of that hashtag...which, of course, started trending all over the world).


Jordan's tweet has already amassed 58,000 retweets since he posted it three days ago.

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When asked to let his followers know what happened next, Jordan said Zoe claimed "it was a dream she had and she meant to send it to a friend".

He's since had to come to the defence of his friends who happen to share the same name as his now ex-girlfriend, after Twitter users unleashed a torrent of abuse.

It's safe to say that Zoe will be checking twice before hitting 'send' on a text ever again.

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