Rule #1 of cheating: stay away from Facebook.

Sucked in, mate.

Guys, meet Matt.

Matt went clubbing. Matt met Pippa.

Matt and Pippa. Not pictured: Matt’s girlfriend, Emily.

Matt pashed Pippa, fobbed her off with a fake phone number, and left Pippa pining for his ‘stunning’ good looks.

Pippa took to Facebook on a romantic quest to find her long-lost lover, penning a loving soliloquy to her mystery man, that was in turn shared by her enthusiastic Facebook friends in a desperate attempt to reunite the young lovebirds.

Alas, disaster struck, and Pippa was to discover he was – GASP – already taken! *Cue dramatic music*

And just like that, one English chap reminded us all that with great selfie power, comes great selfie responsibility.

Because, meet Emily.

Emily is Matt’s girlfriend.

Emily has nice friends who expose her scumbag boyfriend by tagging her in Pippa’s post pining for perfect potential partner Matt.

Matt is busted. Pippa is sad.

Emily is not spoken for as yet, but we can guess that she’s probably just meticulously plotting her revenge.

Like a modern Charlotte Bronte novel, we see our passionate heroine expose her vulnerability by laying her heart on the line, only to have it broken by a sly young man with a strong selfie game and gross underestimation of the power of social media.

Ah….modern love.

Watch the drama play out below.