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"I found out my boyfriend of six years was cheating on me from this letter on our doorstep."

Dear cheaters of the world: If you’re gonna be a Sneaky McSneakerson, please at least be good at it.

Because if you’re shitty at sneakin’, you will be caught out, just like this woman’s boyfriend of six years.

You see the anonymous woman – who is a “friend” of the Rove and Sam show on the 2Day Network – found a letter addressed “To the woman of the house” taped to her front door.

She soon found out exactly what her long-term boyfriend had been up to when she was out of the apartment.

Cheating. With a chick that works from Denny’s, no less. (I dunno what that is either – but let’s just pretend it’s a cute American-style diner so this can really fulfil its chick flick potential.)

After “nosy neighbour” explained that they’ve heard the couple fighting recently, they dropped this bombshell:

“He had a girl at this apartment when you weren’t here. He’s probably playing you both for fools and I just thought you should be informed.”


“I’ve seen them @ Denny’s too. She wears a Denny’s uniform, ask him about that.”


Man-oh-man, we wish we were there for that conversation. Hopefully, galfriend got the hell outta there and is now living the single life free of that douchebag and his nonsense.

Drop. Him. Like. It’s. Hot.

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