Pack your bags: the cheapest place to buy a house in Australia has just been announced.


You GUYS, we are serious, pack your bags we’re moving to Andamooka.

We’ve just found out the median house price in this South Australian town is $20,000. For the whole house…


Turns out it’s the cheapest place to buy a home in Australia, thanks to a 42.2% drop in property prices in the past year, according to CoreLogic data.

Five years ago, homes sold for an extra $119,860.

So what does $20,000 get you? We had a peruse.

Annnnnnd….we’re starting to have second thoughts. We might be okay in our $1200 a month rent squish box of a Sydney apartment after all.

This...property...will set you back $20,000. Image: realestate.com.au

According to the listing, you're getting "Land with a view!". Yes, it might need some...work. But it's a great location, close to the hospital and close to the "sealed road." Huh?

We'll deal with that later.

We went up a price bracket:

Andamooka shack
This charming..residence, could be yours for just $89,000.

And once again the advertisement is gloating about the property's proximity to a "bitumen road."


Dr Google tells us Andamooka is a "quirky outback town with a big heart."

It's located 612km from Adelaide and is apparently famous for opals. It has a population of around 500 people.

It has one sealed road (okay, we get the excitement now), a yacht club (with no boats), and this man says there are literal tumbleweeds there:


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Tumblweeds in the mainstreet of Andamooka. #andamooka #tumbleweeds #jeepwrangler

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One of the town's top 'what to do' highlights is the Bottlehouse Museum, which according to reviews is apparently really interesting.

And on closer inspection, Andamooka DOES in fact have glorious opals.

Like this. Image: Instagram

And if you are willing to pay a tad more, there are some great places on offer:

three beds andamooka
This three bedder will set you back $190,000. Image: realestate.com.au.

In exciting local news (we are very deep in Andamooka research right about now) locals are fundraising for a public swimming pool which is exciting...and needed...given it's regularly above 40C there.

But after scouring Facebook message boards, we can report back that the locals seem...lovely.

The yacht club with no boats also appears to make a mean caramel slice.