Cheap and Chic: The only 10 bits of clothing you need this winter.

Winter is coming…

I can feel it: the sky is grayer, the air is cooler and suddenly I want to wrap myself in coats and knits and other warm snugly things.

I’ve always found that winter clothes tend to be more expensive – they use more material, I guess?! BUT, I have made it my personal mission this week to find 10 pieces that are warm and stylish AND cheap (I’m talking less than $100, all of it).

Happy winter shopping…

1. Leather look skirt by Country Road.

Leather is the perfect cool-weather fabric, and although this isn’t real leather, I have touched it (stroked it, even) and I promise you won’t know the difference. I think that everyone needs to follow this style rule: I you find a good faux leather piece for under $100, BUY IT.

RRP $99.95

2. Rachelle Cocoon coat from Forever New.

Lucy, one of our Mamamia editors, has been jabbering on about this coat for days. How cheap it is. How excellent the cocoon style is, and that colour. I didn’t pay much attention to her until she forced me to look at this dreamy, delight on her screen. Now? It’s being shipped to me, pronto.

RRP $74.95

3. Split shoulder dress from Witchery.

This frock is perfect for any woman who has thought twice about exposing her upper arms, and I’m going to go ahead and assume that’s approximately 98.7% of us. The small sliver of skin means that you aren’t all covered up, and the split-shoulder style means only you’re most flattering parts are on display. I’ll wear with ankle boots.

RRP $89.95

4. Cicily Longline blazer from The Iconic.

I have set myself a mission for winter: get through the whole season WITHOUT wearing opaque tights: I hate wearing them, the waist band is always too tight and they’re bloody itchy. So, to avoid my poor legs suffering frostbite I will invest in an array of longline coats, starting with this beauty. It’s less than $40, how is that possible?!


RRP $34.97

5. Sequin V-Neck Pullover from Sportsgirl.

Because even in winter we can all use a little sparkle.

RRP $55.97

6. Black Cut-Out Wrap-Front jumpsuit from River Island.

Another part of my shun-opaque-tights plan will be jumpsuits. I can’t flounce around in dresses and bare legs all winter, so a chic pantsuit like this one will be my default fancy outfit. It’s on sale, too.

RRP $50.00

7. Vintage Pocket Pants from Seed Heritage.

The FEEL like tracksuits pants but LOOK like jeans, comfortable, perfect-for-the-weekend jeans. Need I say more? (Also, on sale.)

RRP $79.95

8. Tres Jolie Ballerina flats from Wanted Shoes.

I live in ballet flats during winter, they make me feel very Parisian (haha, I wish). The thing I love about this style of shoe is that they look equally as good with pants as a dress or skirt – there isn’t much that they won’t go with.

RRP $59.95

9. In To The Night top from The Birdtree.

This is soft, so so soft. It covers the bottom. And it’ll go with everything you already own. I call that a triple threat.

RRP $50.00

10. Evie Boxy Knit from Cotton On.

I would like to own this slouchy knit in six colours. And because it’s only 70 bucks, maybe I just might.

RRP $69.95