CULT BUY: The el cheapo summer heels everyone will think are from Gorman.

You know you’re doing well in life when you can shop at Gorman more than, say, once a month. Or season. Or year.

With most things priced over $100, not all of us can afford to splurge on a perfectly printed dress or statement shoe on a whim. Even if we really, really, really want to.

But as they say, fake it ’til you make it, so that’s what we’re going to have to do until our personal finances reach dizzying heights.

Thankfully for us bargain hunters, there’s no shortage of budget friendly Gorman-esque options out in the world.

These summer heels are one of them.


The Venice Wood Heel from Rubi Shoes.



Described on the website as the ‘perfect all day and all night heel’, these babies are legitimately a god send if you’re looking for cheap ways to inject summer trends into your ensemble.

They come in a shiny, fun pink – Lilac Metallic – and good ‘ole trusty Rose Gold.

At $49.95 (pssst, the rose gold ones are currently on sale for $25), you really can’t put a foot wrong here. Especially if you sign up (or unsubscribe and re-sign up) to Cotton On’s newsletter for 20 per cent off.

The platform construction and modest 6.5cm block heel make these shoes semi-commute friendly. In other words, you could wear them to and from the train station, but you know, also chuck in your handbag to slip into upon arrival if you’re after true comfort.


They’re also surprisingly comfortable for a cheaper shoe. Sure, they were a bit tight around the toes initially, but after a few minutes of warmth from my hot little feet (they’re actually kind of gross, but anyway), those straps loosened up.

And best of all – they look exactly the same in real life as they do in the photos.


Please ignore my feet, but you get the idea. Image: Supplied.

Are we convinced they'll last forever? Not even a little bit.

But they will fool even the most experienced of Gorman shoppers. Until you trip over and scuff them, of course.