Mamamia CULT BUY: We've found the happiest, budget-friendly sandals.

WHAT IS IT? Pom poms! All of the colour! Tassely-thingy-majigs! These are the happiest, most colourful summer sandals to lift your mood this summertime. Perfect for Christmas.

WHY DO I NEED IT? These bad boys basically eradicate any need to accessorise. If you constantly leave the house feeling less sparkly than you’d like (me, me, me) these will make your outfit POP.

Oh, did I mention they’re super cheap? They are SUPER CHEAP, you guys.

WHERE CAN I WEAR IT? Aaaaaanywhere. Really. (Except maybe for bed. Do not wear these to bed.)

WHAT WOULD I WEAR IT WITH? It depends on how much you want to stand out. The beauty of these sandals is that they’re so vibrant and fun they practically go with anything. You don’t need to go matchy-matchy, the beauty of these is that they will complement everything from your simple black shirt dress to your crop blue jeans and print tee.

IT LOOKS GREAT ON THE MODEL BUT WHAT ABOUT ON A REGULAR WOMAN? Well, here they are on a Mamamia staffer’s feet. They look bloomin’ brilliant if you ask me.

WILL IT DATE? Possibly, simply because they are louder than your average sandal. But who cares when they're this lively and fun? These aren't sandals you'll be wearing for years - but they are ones that will make you get excited to put an outfit together.

HOW MUCH IS IT? If you have small feet, you'll fit the kids' sizing. These are on sale right now for $20.96 (win). If you're adult sizing, all you'll be paying is $39.95. That's gob-smackingly good, considering the price-tag is $200+ for the expensive designer ones.

WHERE CAN I BUY IT FROM? Cotton On Kids and Women! The links are here and here. (You're welcome!)