The find: A brilliant three-in-one cheek palette that doesn't cost the world.

Confession time: I’m an illuminator junkie. A huge one.

I just love the stuff. On my temples, the top of my cheekbones, the tip on my nose and cupid’s bow, I basically bathe myself in that glowy goodness whenever I get the chance.

Sadly, there’s one glaring problem with my new addiction – the price. You see, the decent illuminators don’t come cheap. The really good ones cost more than one or two doubloons, and every time I try to make myself look like a human Tinkerbell, my heart sinks at the thought of my depressed bank account.

Do you also love your brightening makeup? Carla can show you how to nail it every single time (post continues after video).

That was until I stumbled upon this lil’ beauty in Priceline, and read the sweet, low price $16.95. Ayup! A three-in-one palette so cheap it’ll cost you less than that cafe burger you ate on the weekend. Bless your cotton socks, Rimmel.

Here’s how I applied it, what order I went in and what it’ll look like on your skin.

People, I give you the Rimmel Sculpting Palette by Kate Moss. (Take. My. Money.)

The basics.

Here’s what you get for less than 20 bucks: A shimmery, goddessy illuminator (or illuminer for the swish readers), a seriously pigmented bronze contour powder and a coral blush.

Each of the three compartments have a sheen to them. In non-makeup-talk, that means they give your face some light reflectin' dimension and won't make you look flat and chalky.

The order I recommend is contour first, blush second and then illuminator to finish. This is so any harsh lines of your contour are softened with blush, and that the glowy goodness of your illuminator is sitting pretty on top like frosting when you set foot out the door. (Post continues after gallery.)


The application.

I used a run-of-the-mill powder brush to apply the bronzer. I'm too lazy (and broke) to buy one of those fancy-pants bronzer brushes - so I squeezed my big, cheapo fluffy brush into a tight line, and carved out my cheekbones and nose that way. I swear on my uterus it does the exact same thing as the exxy ones.

Then I went in with the coral blush shade and lightly dabbed it on the apples of my cheeks. Too easy.

These are my very serious 'showing off cheek makeup' selfies. 

Finally, I grabbed a stippling brush (again, you can really just use any smallish brush that is handy) and popped some illuminator onto my temples and on the top of my cheek bones. I could kiss this Rimmel one, because it's subtle and shiny and lovely and all of the things without making you look like you just dunked your head into a tub of glitter.

I also put a little dab on the tip of my nose and the little 'v' on my top lip. That sounds bonkers - but I promise it looks fab.

Some subtle sheeny, shiny goodness.

And viola! There you have it, folks, the perfect three-in-one cheek palette that's basically a makeup bag essential.

All that beauty goodness for less than what you'd spend on a cafe burger.

What's your favourite beauty product?

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