Decorate your tree (and house) for less than $50 this Christmas.





I love Christmas so much that I pretty much spend the entire year counting down until I can start putting decorations up. I think early November is perfectly reasonable, don’t you?

Okay, you’re not the only one who thinks I put my Christmas decorations up too early. However, in my defence, I don’t put them all up at once. I start off with a few cute decorations and then keep on adding to them until Christmas Day when my mission to celebrate Christmas as loudly and largely as possible is complete.

And I’m not just talking about buying pre-made Christmas decorations and hanging them all up as is. I do that, but I also like to add plenty of special decorations all over our house, inspired by Christmas decorations from around the world.

Here are my favourite Christmas decorations that you can recreate at home easily and affordably – and the kids will love helping out.

All of them will cost you less than $50 (and some much less – I checked myself recently when I visited Big W to use a $50 voucher I had been given).

1. US and UK mistletoe.

In the US and the UK, mistletoe is always one of the most popular Christmas decorations. It is hung in doorways and the tradition means anyone standing under the mistletoe must kiss.

Mistletoe is easy to recreate.

When you trim your Christmas tree, use those trimmings to create beautiful mistletoe creations for your doorways. Use green ribbon to bind the trimmings together and then attach Christmas berry decorations or bells to it. Then hang it everywhere. Simple.


Just as an FYI, you should know that this post is sponsored by  Big W. But all opinions expressed by the author are 100% authentic and written in their own words. 

2. Greek candle creations.

In Greece, candles are a big deal around Christmas time and are used on Christmas trees and all around the home. They also make a stunning Christmas decorations.

Create this gorgeous decoration and keep it in your living area on your coffee table or even on your dining table.

All you need is a white glass plate, some candles and some silver and gold Christmas decorations. Arrange them nicely and light the candles each evening.

3. Italian nativity scene.

We don’t have this tradition in Australia, however, nativity scenes are sold in shops and can easily be made into something more special.

Try placing it on a layer of straw under your Christmas tree or add to it. Buy toy animals and make the barn look as authentic as you can.

4. Chinese lanterns.

They are also so simple to make.

Buy coloured paper in red, green or even gold or silver, a pair of scissors and anything you can use to decorate them such as markers and glitter.

Fold the paper in half longways and then cut the paper on the fold evenly, all the way to the top of the paper but leaving two centimetres at the top up cut. Continue cutting in lines at around two centimetres apart.

Once you have cut them, unfold them and then create a circle using the top of the paper on the uncut portion. Sticky tape closed on the top and the bottom.

Use another sheet of paper to make a handle and then hang them all over your home, on your Christmas tree and next to your mistletoe.


5. African beaded angel.

In Africa, beaded angels are very popular and they are so easy to make. There are several ways to do them.

This is just one.

Buy Christmas tree beads and superglue. Using an image similar to this one as a guide, slowly and carefully glue the beads together to create your beaded angel.

Once they are created, you can hang them on your Christmas tree or try doing an extra large one for a decoration you can hang on the mantle or even on doors in your home.

6. Australian sea shells.

It truly is a special touch, especially because spray painted sea shells used to be a popular choice for Aussie Christmas tree decorations, before those awesome packs of gorgeous decorations began being sold.

It can be hard to find large sea shells on beaches these days so you can buy them and then buy gold and silver paint and even glitter. Decorate them and then use a small drill to place a hole in each one and tie some gold or silver string around them so you can hang them up on your tree.


Most of the materials you need to make these can be picked up for under $50 at Big W. 

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What are you doing for Christmas this year?

Here are some of the materials you’ll need to get started…


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