A hiker called police after finding Charlize Theron's son "screaming".

Well, this is awkward.

Charlize Theron, 39, was having a lovely picnic in California with her boyfriend, Sean Penn, and two-year-old son, Jackson.

That is, until Jackson threw a tantrum. And screamed. A lot. As toddlers do.

Charlize with her boyfriend, Sean Penn.

A nearby hiker heard the screaming child and was terrified that something terrible had happened to Jackson. She approached Charlize, but the actress told her not to touch her son.

Fair enough.

The hiker called the police, fearing for Jackson (and probably a bit miffed an A-lister had just told her to back off.)

The police arrived shortly after, only to discover that Jackson was only in "time-out", which meant he wasn't allowed to have contact with anyone else. Hence, the hands-off policy.

Charlize Theron with her son, Jackson.

Charlize happily dropped her son to a Los Angeles pre-school later that day.

No word on how embarrassed the hiker is.

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