They beat Jamie Oliver in the kitchen. And they are 8 and 5 years old.

Oh and don’t even mention their salary.

Yesterday we were floored by the baby that makes $1,000 a day from hanging out on the couch in designer wear.

Today, we beat that. By about a million (may be slightly exaggerating).

Charli and Ashlee are two little girls that started their YouTube channel in September 2012. They make very yummy things like Minnie Mouse Cupcakes, rainbow donuts, Frozen Princess party hats and healthy fruit pops.

Image via YouTube.

They also make AU$163,000 a month. That's AU$1.9 million a year. Oh, did I mention they are Australian?

CharlisCraftyKitchen is their YouTube channel where they upload a new video once a week. Charli is the main baker and Ashlee is her trusted tasting assistant. 


Outrigger Media recently ranked the top Food and Cooking YouTube channels. And Charli and her kitchen came out far ahead in number one.

Image via Instagram.

According to the date, they get 29 million view each month. They get their monthly allowance from YouTube ads. And if you are wondering, that is post YouTube takes its cut.

So...possible business idea for your children?

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