The agonising choice of Charlie Gard's parents leaves The Project hosts in tears.

The desk of The Project was a sombre one on Tuesday evening as panellists Fifi Box, Carrie Bickmore and Dr Chris Brown discussed the tragic announcement that Charlie Gard‘s parents were ceasing medical treatment for their infant son.

“As a parent, you think you have the right to make that decision, and I know there’s the other side but there’s hope and that’s all you’ve got,” said Box, a mum-of-one.

“When you’re being denied that chance, even a slim chance, it’s just so sad.”

charlie gard the project
Dr Chris Brown and Carrie Bickmore. Source: Channel 10.

Fighting back tears, mum-of-two Bickmore agreed, saying, "No one wins. It's just a lose-lose situation."

The discussion came following an announcement from Charlie's parents, Chris Gard and Connie Yates, on Monday that said they had decided to let their beloved son "slip away."

"Mummy and Daddy love you so much Charlie, we always have and we always will and we are so sorry that we couldn't save you," Yates said outside London's High Court.

"We had the chance but we weren't allowed to give you that chance. Sweet dreams baby. Sleep tight our beautiful little boy."

Charlie Gard was born in the UK in September 2016, and within eight weeks he was diagnosed with an exceptionally rare genetic disorder that there is no known cure for. Both the Italian and US governments offered help to the Gard family, but the offers were later struck down by the UK government.

While speaking to the media on Monday, both Yates and Gard said they felt time had been wasted in getting their son the help he needed, something Dr Chris Brown challenged on Tuesday night.

charlie gard the project
Carrie Bickmore and Fifi Box. Source: Channel 10.

"They (the doctors) are trying to do their best," the vet said.

"You've got parents trying to hold on to hope where there may not be any. You can't blame them for being upset, you can't blame the doctors for being upset," he told Box and Bickmore.

"It's just an awful situation."

Doctors have estimated Gard will not survive the week. His parents are fighting to bring the boy home for his final days.